Northeast High School Cycl Fundraiser

Posted on June 3, 2024
Categories: School Announcements

Welcome to Northeast High School’s theater, where every student has a story to tell and a dream to share. We’re on a mission to raise $7,210 by July 15, 2024, to bring a vital piece of theater magic to our stage—a cyclorama!
Why a Cyclorama?

A cyclorama, or ‘cyc’, is a game changer for any theater. It’s a large curtain or wall positioned at the back of the stage area. It acts as a canvas to paint with light, color, and projections, setting the scene for every performance and transporting audiences to new worlds!

Be Part of the Drama!

Don’t miss your cue to make a difference!Contribute to the “Step Into the Spotlight” campaign and play a starring role in the education and enrichment of Northeast High School’s students. Your donation is not just a gift—it’s an investment in the future of the arts!

With your help, we will:

  • Offer a state-of-the-art learning environment for our
    aspiring artists and technicians.
  • Foster creativity and innovation in set design and visual
  • Build a sustainable resource that will serve our school’s
    diverse programs for years to come.