Italian Club

Italian Club Holiday Cookbook Recipes!

Sponsor: Assunta Curto

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Dates: Wednesday

Time: 2:50-3:50 PM

Club Description: Ciao Amici!!! The Italian Club at NEHS has the main purpose of promoting Italian culture not only here at our school but in the community in general. This is accomplished through social, cultural and academic activities. The Italian Club does not only speak Italian, but celebrates the Italian culture in all aspects and we are a family! We have gone on several trips, including Italy. The teacher Appreciation Feast, movie nights, college visits are among other activities.

Love is blooming in every language!
Happy Valentine’s Day!

Teacher Appreciation Feast 2018

Italian Club goes to Temple

Italian Tarantella Dance

Teacher Appreciation feast 2016

Names of Members:
Anik Goles,Ezekiel Rosado,Fatima Dzhalibua,Genesis Uaraj,Shawb Gonzalez,Allison Miszluk,Nhi Cao,Burton Li,Aisha Noor, David Doan,Kristopher Bauer, Tatiana Rodriguez, Sofia Dimo