What makes our program unique?

The goal of the magnet school is to provide students who have strong science and math aptitudes with a rigorous college preparatory program that will lead them to pursue careers in the fields of medicine, engineering, and the aerospace sciences. This highly selective program is open to all Philadelphia students who meet the criteria of this special admissions program. Students in the Space Center (SPARC) build and operate a simulation of a space shuttle. One in three Magnet graduates will have college eligible AP exam scores.

The Magnet program is a special admissions program. Code 802M.

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Mission & Approach to Learning:

Northeast Medical, Engineering and Aerospace Magnet provides a college preparatory program of studies for students with strong science and math aptitudes who are interested in pursuing careers in medical fields, engineering, and the aerospace sciences.

Points of Pride:

Students graduate with four years of mathematics and science; 99.9% graduation rate and the students attend Ivy League universities, as well as private and public universities; SPARC Program is the only
high school program that simulates a NASA flight lasting two days; Project SPARC houses the only remaining Apollo training capsule which was donated by NASA;

The SPARC Robotics group was awarded the distinction of the most promising robotics group in the School District.

Extracurricular Activities:

Students can participate in the Northeast High School clubs and activities.

Sports Teams:

Students can participate in the Northeast High School athletic program.