NEHS Natural Resource Management

SLC Coordinator – Marc Michaels,

In Natural Resource Management, students apply principles of biology, chemistry, and ecology to understand the natural world, learn to identify and evaluate critical environmental issues and consider solutions for resolving and/or preventing problems. Project-based instruction emphasizes the conservation, protection and responsible human interactions with a range of natural resources, including the air, forests, soil, water, fish, plants and wildlife.


Environmental Science 2

Course Description: Environmental Science 2 is a year-long course specifically designed for Natural Resources Management SLC students. This course emphasizes practical and sustainable solutions from a social, economic, and environmental perspective. In this course, you learn ecological principles, policies, and practices required for a sustainable future within four themes that focus on natural resources management and conservation.

Introduction to Horticulture

Course Description: Introduction to Horticulture is a year-long course specifically designed for Natural Resources Management SLC students. This course introduces the major concepts of plants and horticulture science.   Intro to Horticulture is an introduction to the principles and practices in the development, production and use of horticultural crops (fruits, vegetables, greenhouse, turf, nursery, floral and landscape).  In this course, you will learn classification, structure, growth and development, and environmental influences on horticultural plants: horticultural technology: and an introduction to the horticultural industries. Classroom and laboratory activities are supplemented through supervised agricultural experiences activities in our outdoor classroom.

Intro to Natural Resource Management

Course Description: An introduction to subject matter and planned learning experiences concerned with the principles and processes involved in the conservation, protection and/or improvement of natural resources found in the environment such as air, forests, soil, water, fish, plants and wildlife for economic and recreational purposes. Instruction also emphasizes such factors as the establishment, management and operation of forest lands for recreational purposes.

Intro to Agriculture

Course Description:

Intro to Animal Sciences

Course Description: An introduction to the scientific principles that underlie the breeding and husbandry of agricultural animals, and the production, processing, and instruction in the animal sciences, animal husbandry, health, production, and agricultural and food products. Instruction will also include hands-on work with caring for animals. Students are encouraged to do a supervised agricultural experience (SAE) project to further the learning experience.


Course Description: Students in the Natural Resource Management will be prepared for the growing field of Green Technologies which includes creating green spaces and renewable resources, problem solving environmental issues, mastering the art of vertical farming, and managing natural resources.  Our onsite greenhouse, aquaponics, pond and fruit trees provide hands-on learning experiences for the students.



Natural Resource Management received a grant to build their own aquaponics system

Current projects:

  • Creating a miniature setting exhibit to display at the Philadelphia Flower Show
  • Designing and building an environmental sculpture to collect rainwater
  • Raising trout for the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission


  • Partnership with Fox Chase Farm-NRM students serve as tour guides for elementary students
  • Membership in the FFA, a national organization offering scholarships and career opportunities