Career & Technical Education Department

Dept Chair: Katie DeSilvis (


The CTE department is dedicated to the career and academic success of students through a rigorous series of courses in two separate career clusters (Visual Communications,  & Sales, Marketing and Management). Both programs; Applied Visual and Interactive Design (AVID) and Sports Marketing focus on preparing students for industry-level certifications, NOCTI skills certificate achievement, college articulations, and real-world skills attainment.


  1. Students earning industry-level certifications
  2. Passing NOCTI exam at the end of the program
  3. Being program completers
  4. Increased college acceptance and attendance in fields related to either program
  5. Students attaining and using academic skills in authentic applications

Additional Goals:

  1. Students building character and leadership with CTSO participation
  2. Students using their creative outlets in projects and real-world scenarios
  3. Students participating in student-run business and competitions


  1. AVID
    1. Graphic Communication
    2. Graphic Design
    3. Web Design
    4. Video Game Design
    5. Film & Video
  2. Sports Marketing
    1. Sports Marketing 1
    2. Sports Marketing 2
    3. Sports Marketing 3
    4. Business Admin 1
    5. Entrepreneurship
    6. Business Computer Applications