NE Graduates Excel in Robotics

Posted on November 17, 2023
Categories: School Announcements

Khan and Singh, originally friends from Northeast High School, are part of the College of Engineering’s NSF (National Science Foundation) funded STEPS (Sustainable Temple Energy and Power Scholars) Program. The STEPS program provides support for high-achieving, low-income electrical engineering students in the form of scholarships, mentoring, and professional development.

Khan was first introduced to the College of Engineering when Chair and Professor of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Dr. Li Bai visited his high school robotics club. He was considering a major in computer science, but after speaking with Bai, determined that an electrical engineering major with a concentration in computer engineering was more aligned with his interests. After applying and choosing Temple as his school, Khan learned he was eligible for the STEPS program.

Singh, originally an undeclared engineering major, learned about the STEPS program from Khan and was then introduced to Bai. Singh then quickly declared an electrical engineering major and was also accepted into the STEPS program.

Khan and Singh recently participated in the IEEE Region 1 & 2 SAC Conference at Marshall University where they were some of the few freshmen in attendance. They attended several workshops and were able to learn from their peers and industry professionals. Khan and Singh are already looking forward to the next conference they may attend.

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