2020-21 Credit Recovery

Posted on September 3, 2020
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Welcome back, Students!

You are receiving this email because you may be eligible for Credit Recovery this year. Please read the information below for more details. (I know, it’s a lot, but it is all important!)

First, SAVE THIS EMAIL. It has lots of important information you might need later. Plus, if you save it you won’t have to read it all at once… trust me, I know this is long!

Second, if English is not your preferred language of communication, please copy/paste this document HERE to change the language.

If you are eligible, you will be enrolled in the Credit Recovery Program through the Roster office. Check your roster on your philasd.org account daily if you know you need to make up a credit for a class you have previously taken. You do not need to request to be in Credit Recovery.

If you have any eligible classes, a “Web Recovery” course will appear on your roster once you are enrolled by the Roster Office. At that time, you may begin your coursework by following the steps in the link posted below (How to Access Edgenuity).

The first courses to be assigned will be English and Social Studies courses for upperclassmen. Math, Science, Physical Education, Health, and eligible electives will be assigned in the coming weeks as student transcripts are analyzed. Continue to check your roster on philasd.org to see when your first “Web recovery” class will appear. This may take up to 6 weeks (we have a lot of students at NE!)

If by October 1st you don’t have a Credit Recovery class assigned to you, but you believe you should, please email me directly and we’ll sort things out.

How the program works:

The Credit Recovery program is completely online and can be accessed anywhere you have a wifi connection, on any device. Some features may not work as well on a phone or tablet.

The name of the platform we use is Edgenuity and it is accessed through your school district student portal on philasd.org. The slides linked here show you how to log in so you are able to see how to access Edgenuity. CLICK HERE: How to Access Edgenuity

  1. You cannot start your Edgenuity course until you see the “Web Recovery” class appear on your roster.
  2. Be sure to begin work on your Edgenuity class as soon as it comes available. Classes are assigned one at a time, so you won’t be able to move on to your next credit until you’ve finished the first.
  3. It takes up to 48 hours once the Roster Office adds a recovery class to your roster for that class to show up in Edgenuity.
  4. Students are required to complete 100% of the Edgenuity coursework and must pass with an overall grade of at least 60.
  5. The master list of students (by ID number only) and the credits they are eligible to recover is attached to this email. To find your eligible classes, hit either “command F” on a Mac or “ctrl F” on a PC and search your ID number. If you see any errors or have questions, email me and I’ll work with you to make things right. Remember, this document is still being processed up to October 1st, so if your information isn’t yet listed, wait until October 1st before reaching out.
  6. All announcements about Credit Recovery will be made by me directly on Edgenuity. When you log on to the platform, always check the messages posted on the right side of the home screen for the most up-to-date information.
  7. Once schools reopen: Access to computers during the school day is provided in room 215E. You are free to work on your program during advisory (check-in with your advisor first) and during your lunch. If you wish to go to the cafeteria first to grab a meal, you’ll need to see me ahead of time for a pass.

If you have any questions, please email me at any time! cmkelly@philasd.org.


Ms. Kelly

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