Virtual Policies & Expectations

Posted on August 31, 2020
Categories: virtual2020

Student Norms:

  • Classes should be accessed from chromebooks ( do not access Google Meet or Zoom from cell phones).
  • Be prepared and positioned for learning in a quiet work space
  • School appropriate dress required
  • Videos must remain on during class time, unless you have made other arrangements with your teacher.
  • Sign in with your full name so your name is displayed during lessons
  • Be mindful of eating during instruction to not distract others
  • Do not use other forms of technology during synchronous instruction (cell phones, gaming platforms, television)
  • Remain in classroom until dismissed by teacher.¬† Please note that you may lose points, etc. for leaving class early, this is at the discretion¬†of your teacher.
  • Videotaping and screenshots of classrooms by students is prohibited
  • To create a positive learning environment, refrain from entering any classrooms that are not attached to your roster unless given permission by your teacher, and should only occur during a lunch period.