NEHS 9th Grade

Coordinator – Ms. Kristina Walters

Mission Statement:

The Ninth Grade Academy is a Small LearningCommunity developed with the goal of transitioning students through the final part of the “middle years”. The Ninth Grade Academy strives to foster freshman onto a successful path, opening up the world of lifelong learning to our students. Specifically, we are working to help students make the transition to high school, using prior knowledge to bridge the gaps in understanding. We will foster in our students the desire to exceed expectations, achieve at their highest level, and develop a respect for the world surrounding them. From the Ninth Grade Academy students will transition to specific programs geared towards their academic aptitudes in the performing or fine arts, health sciences, business, technology, or advanced academic pursuits. As part of our Comprehensive offerings for 9th grade students we have a growing Project-Based Learning Transition Program. This program culminates in a well thought out, researched, cooperative group project that blends all core subject areas. The importance of this program lies in the importance of making freshmen students take accountability for their actions and understand that high school success requires work. Additionally, we have opportunities for accelerated academics as part of our Academics Plus Cohort, a small cohort of students within the Ninth Grade Academy, which offers a rigorous education and prepares students for thinking about post-secondary school options. Students in this cohort will be enrolled in advanced core classes, including world language, and be directed towards challenging themselves academically during their sophomore, junior, and senior years. As part of this cohort, ninth grade students will receive curriculum and instruction that consistently challenges them to expand their content knowledge and skills to the next level. By harnessing the development of skills and acquisition of knowledge in ninth grade, we know that students will be ready for higher intellectual engagement in Advanced Placement and Advanced classes as upperclassmen.


  • Artur, Kelly- English
  • Ball, Lauren- Soc Studies
  • Bonanni, Amanda- Math
  • Chicco, Gianni- Italian
  • Curto, Sue- Italian
  • Davis, Dawn- English
  • Hecker, Eudene- Science
  • Herrick, Marie- English
  • Kerwood, Frank- Health/PE
  • Kinning, Katrina- Counselor
  • Kone, Leslie- PE/Dean
  • Li, K- Chinese
  • Lynch, James- Spanish
  • Michaels, Marc- PE
  • Miranda, Edwin- Spanish
  • Monastra, Philip- Health/Math/Dean
  • Murphy, Jim- English
  • Sherbaum, Ray- French/Spanish
  • Tataru, Nicoleta- Math
  • Trasken, Josef- Science
  • Walters, Krissy- English/SLC Coordinator