Academic Support

When it comes to getting academic help sometimes the simplest advice is the best.  Here are the top 10 simplest ways to do better in class:

10. Get a good nights sleep–Studies have shown that people who sleep well, learn better.

9.  Study in small bits over a longer period of time.–Studies show that studying less, but longer term, helps retention of knowledge.

8.  Study with a partner or in a group.–Exchange contact information with at least three people in your class.

7.  Communicate with your teacher.–Let your teacher know as soon as possible if you are having trouble in class, so you can get help.

6.  Be organized.–Write down assignments the same way, everyday, in the same place and know when they are due.

5.  Study even if you DON’T have homework.–See tip number nine!

4.  Study at the same time everyday.–This way your family will know what you are doing and you will lessen distractions.

3.  Write down one question or comment about each class at the end of your study session.  Ask the question or tell the teacher about concerns at the beginning of the next class.

2.  Sign-up for an extra-curricular activity.–People who are involved with things they love to do are more involved overall.

1.  RELAX!–Other people have had and will have the same problems you are having in class.  Talk to your counselor.  They’ll help you!

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