NEHS Performing Arts

The goal of A&E is to provide a rigorous academic program that provides an avenue for students to develop and showcase their creative talents in school and in the community. A&E students are required to take arts classes and participate in arts co-curricular activities in addition to their content area classes. While A&E provides a tailored program for students who attend Northeast High School, A&E students play an integral role in uniting the Northeast family during through the co-curricular programs offered and during performances.

Program Details:
Students choose 1 of 5 majors upon entering A&E in their 10th grade year. They include:

Visual Arts (Art or Photography)


All students in A&E are eligible for internship opportunities in their respective majors. In addition to the course work, they are required to attend co-curricular activities and complete a three year portfolio exemplifying their learning in the program. The culminating requirement for graduation involves a senior research project.

Kim Klimaytis, Coodinator –